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Best Crypto Bookmakers in France in 2024

⸺ These are our top 5 crypto sports betting sites in France, based on our extensive reviews:
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Best Crypto Bookmakers in France

History of betting in France

The history of betting in France goes back centuries. In the 16th century, the people of Lyon became known as the first players in France. After a series of wars in the 15th century, in which the French suffered losses of soldiers and finances, they turned to gambling. They loved it and also used it as a way to raise money.

In the 1600s, Louis XIV banned gambling with penalties of up to life imprisonment. The first bookmaker in France was founded in 1718, and betting became widespread by the 1800s. The Home Office created a national agency to oversee gambling.

In the 1900s, France was one of the first countries to legalize betting. In 1921, the government created a commission to monitor betting and ensure its legality. This commission promoted off-track betting, and gambling became legal at racetracks.

At that time, there were several racetracks used for betting, and they all operated under the same rules. Vincennes Hippodrome was the first racecourse and is still in operation today. The rest were demolished some time ago.

The gambling industry in France has a long history with some of the country's most famous establishments. Roulette, like blackjack, had its share of contributions from the French during its development stages.

Betting in France nowadays

Betting in France has become a booming industry in recent years. This is primarily due to the introduction of new laws that have made it easier for French citizens to bet on a variety of things. In turn, players can place more bets and place larger bets than ever before.

The French government contributed to this rise in rates by passing legislation intended to regulate the industry, but also encouraged it.

A lot has changed in France when it comes to betting. Once upon a time, gambling was limited to people who wanted to play with a small bankroll. However, now everyone seems to be getting in on the act, including students who would like to earn a part-time income.

Gambling in France has undergone many other changes over the past few years. Today, gambling is not limited to just horse racing and greyhound racing, but also includes casinos and poker, two games that were previously overlooked.

Favorite games of French players

France is a country where sports betting is popular. There are many casinos and racecourses throughout France where people can bet on various sporting events such as horse racing or football. There are also several lotteries that are popular in France.

The two most popular betting games available on online betting sites are horse racing and football. Americans visiting France prefer to spend time at the racetrack rather than visiting casinos for roulette or blackjack.

Horse racing is the most popular form of betting in France because everyone understands it and has a chance to make a profit. Casino table games are also popular because people consider them more of a game than a game of chance.

France Bitcoin Betting Sites

There is no doubt that Bitcoin is among the most popular payment options in the sport betting industry. Numerous online bookmakers have already accepted bitcoin as a means of payment, making the cryptocurrency an attractive option for gamblers. A number of betting sites have integrated Bitcoin into their platforms as a result of bitcoin's popularity. It has been perceived as a reliable investment and an effective method of payment into sports and casino games by many people.

The benefits of Bitcoin payments in online bookmakers

Despite credit cards remaining a popular method of payment, Bitcoin can also be used to make secure payments to bookmakers. Bitcoin is the best online betting cryptocurrency if you want to make quick, low-fee transactions. There is a huge advantage for punters when using Bitcoin betting sites. A smooth sport betting experience and a great chance to win generous prizes await you here.

BTC Betting Guide

It is usually a requirement for bookmakers that you link the crypto wallet in which your Bitcoin is stored to your account. You can now place bets using Bitcoin once you've linked your accounts. Having learned about Bitcoin payment methods, it is now time to learn how you can maximize your chances of winning bets with the cryptocurrency.
  1. Take a look at our list of bookmakers
    Choosing a betting site that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method is an important first step. Hence, finding your best options among many sites will give you the best chance to win huge amounts.
  2. Get to know your bookmaker
    With Bitcoin betting payment options, you will learn more about the site you choose. There are various sportsbooks to choose from, but you must check whether they accept cryptocurrency first. Betting sites that accept cryptocurrency are most likely to accept Bitcoin.
  3. Make a deposit
    Select Bitcoin (or BTC) as your deposit option in your crypto wallet and link it to your bookmaker account. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to deposit. Once you have indicated the amount of Bitcoin you intend to deposit, you will have to wait a couple of minutes for the payment to be processed.
  4. Get started betting
    Make sure you can use bonuses with your best and begin betting on any market you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is for 18 and up. The age limit for gambling was lowered from 21 to 18 years.

Yes, it is legal, with certain rules that must be followed.

There are licenses that sports betting operators need to obtain. This includes both online and offline betting operators.

This is regulated by the French Gambling Law, which makes gambling transparent by regulating it. The law also specifies age restrictions that must be observed when gambling.

The most popular bets in France are on horse racing, football, rugby and tennis.

Yes, you can play on French websites after reading their terms and conditions.

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